Congratulations to our Terrific Kid Award Recipients for April 2019!


ANNICA SLAUGH – 7th Grade Terrific Kid

Annica Slaugh is a Terrific Kid. She exemplifies many great qualities that her teachers have admired in her. Here are some of their comments regarding those thoughts:
Annica is so responsible, friendly, and kind. She is a great creative writer and a fun student to have in class. She works well with others and always makes sure everyone feels included and involved. She loves to discuss books and ideas. She is positive and hard working. Our class is better because of Annica. -Duehlmeier
What a great choice for Terrific Kid! Annica is all-around a wonderful student and person. Academically she is self-motivated and a diligent worker. She pays attention in class and is responsible to get her work completed and completed well. She has done awesome in math this year! On top of that, she is such a joy to have in class. Annica is kind, a hard worker, and a great friend and example to those around her. -Olsen
Annica is such a sweet, thoughtful person. I absolutely adore her. Annica is super responsible! She makes sure to pick up missing work and get it done in a timely manner from being absent. She is a great leader and helper to those around her, encouraging them to stay focused and on task. I am impressed with her ability to think ahead and to “be prepared” for things in class. –P McConnell
Annica Slaugh is a wonderful student and I really love having her in Spanish this year. She is an excellent Spanish speaker and writer! She is a hard worker in class and always goes “above and beyond” in all she does. Annica is kind and courteous to all. She works well with her peers and is friends with everyone. She has an awesome smile that brightens up the classroom and a great sense of humor. Thank you for being such a terrific kid, Annica! -Bigler
Annica is an absolutely AMAZING student. It is obvious that she works hard to not only be great at her flute, but to continually improve and learn new skills whenever she can. I have no doubt that she will be one of the finest flute players to perform at Murray High in a few years! She is kind, respectful to her peers, focused in class, and easily one of the most teachable people I have had the opportunity to work with as a teacher. -Giddings
Annica is a great addition to any class. She is always eager to learn. She is kind and hard working and takes pride in doing her best work. Annica participates in class discussions and works well with everyone. Annica is a great example to those around her and I have greatly appreciated her contributions to our class, and interest in science. –Herrera
Congratulations Annica!
CARSON MILNE – 7th Grade Terrific Kid

Carson Milne is one fantastic kid!
Academically, Carson has excelled in all of his classes all year. He takes pride in doing his best work each day. Carson is responsible and hard working. He works well in a group and individually. He also asks great questions and works diligently the entire class period.
He has performed particularly well this year in his core subjects; he shows a strong understanding of the concepts. Carson pays attention during class, is respectful and works hard. He is a great writer and always has fun and creative stories to share with the class. All of his teachers appreciate his work ethic and determination to do well on all of his work and the example he sets for the rest of the class.
Also, Carson always participates in class discussions and works well with everyone. Carson is a great example to those around him and we greatly appreciated his contributions to class. He is a great athlete who works well with his teammates and shows great sportsmanship when he plays. He has a fun sense of humor and includes others. He makes other students feel comfortable and is a positive influence in any class.
He also is such a likable and pleasant person. He always has a smile on his face and a great attitude about the work we do in class. He is respectful and kind to all. When we think of Carson, only positive things come to mind; he really is amazing! All of his teachers feel lucky to have him in class this year.


CARLIE VRONDOS – 8th Grade Terrific Kid

Congratulations to Carlie Vrondros, the 8th grade “Terrific Kid” for April! Carlie is a new student to Riverview this year. Carlie attended Olympus Junior High before coming to Riverview. We are glad you are here at Riverview!
All of Carlie’s teachers have commented on how kind and caring Carlie is to all her peers. Carlie goes out of her way to help peers and adults with anything they need help in class. Carlie is a great Peer tutor for students who need the extra one to one help. Carlie has a lot of patience to work with her peers who have disabilities.
Carlie takes the extra time to complete all of her assignments and works very hard to complete and understand all academics. Mrs. Baldwin says, “We are so lucky to have Carlie at Riverview. Carlie is very friendly and will often stop at the office to wish everyone a good morning.”
Mrs. Strader says, “Carlie is a delight to have in class, she works hard and has a positive attitude and has the drive and initiative to be successful.” Mrs. Donovan says, “Carlie is kind, sweet, thoughtful and an incredibly hard working student.”
Mr. Burton says, “Carlie is one of the nicest kids I have encountered at Riverview. She is unfailingly polite and kind to everyone around her. She is also a conscientious student who does her best all the time and never complains about anything.”
Congratulations to Carlie, you deserve this honor!

CARTER BEAZER – 8th Grade Terrific Kid

Carter Beazer is a wonderful student who has shown such great progress and growth this year. His teachers love having him in their classes and have some awesome things to say about him:
Ms. Page: Carter is very conscientious and works hard every day. He is fun to have in class and is a wonderful team player. He is also very helpful.
Ms. Baldwin: Carter actually lives in my neighborhood! He has a wonderful family and you can tell that he is a great older brother who loves and cares about his siblings. We are lucky to have him at this school and he is definitely a terrific kid!!
Mr. Burton: Carter is always pleasant to have in class. He smiles even when things don’t go his way and never complains. He is always ready to participate in class and is just fun to have around.
Ms. Donovan: Carter has been working 100%! He is great to get involved in class discussions and he sometimes reminds ME of what happened “this day in history.” It is wonderful having Carter in class!
Ms. Strader: Carter is a wonderful student! I have had the honor of being his School Success teacher this year and he has truly been successful! Carter has shown tremendous improvement in his academics, organization, and time management. He is such a hard worker and always tries his best. He is also very funny and so kind to the rest of his peers. I have loved having Carter in my class and seeing him grow as a student and as a person. He is 100% a Terrific Kid!
Ms. Cuka: I have been so impressed with the hard work, enthusiasm, and self-control Carter has shown in German class. On the first day of class, he already knew the German numbers, and he still does extra studying outside of what we do in class. He is always quick to volunteer to read or answer questions, and he often asks insightful questions that allow me an opportunity to clarify tricky aspects of the language to the class. Carter is in a class with numerous disruptive students and so he has learned that when he finds himself getting off task with them, he can step out to get a drink and come back ready to work again. It is rare to see this kind of self-monitoring in an eighth-grade student. To top it off, he is such a good sport that he was willing to be the Fairy Godmother and wear a tutu in our German play! It is wonderful to have a student with such a positive attitude and who is willing to work hard.
Ms. Wihongi: I love having Carter in my first period class because I get to start each day with his positive attitude, big smile, and enthusiastic personality. He always has such great insights in our class discussions and knows so much when we discuss our class novels from different periods of history. Carter also is so service-oriented; he helps me keep my books and class materials organized, and he is always willing to haul materials back and forth between Ms. Strader’s and my classrooms. It is not that common to see such kindness and selflessness in 8th graders, but Carter truly IS a kind and selfless person who makes this school a better place. It has been such a joy to have Carter in my English class this year; our class definitely wouldn’t be as fun without him.
Congratulations, Carter! Your teachers are proud of you and appreciate the amazing young man that you are here at Riverview!

ASHTON RUDD – 9th Grade Terrific Kid

Ashton Rudd has been chosen as the 9th grade Terrific Kid for April! He was chosen because of his hard work ethic, kindness to others, and positive attitude. He will always go out of his way to smile or say “Hi” to others in the halls and in classes. He works hard to complete his assignments and never complains. He is quiet and shy, but will get up in front of class and talk even when it is difficult for him. Ashton is one of the most dedicated students we have here at Riverview. He works constantly and strives to do his best at everything he is assigned to do. He is tenacious in his effort to understand the material. He is always on task and works harder than any other student.
Ashton is never unkind to anyone. He is one of the friendliest, sweetest, incredibly thoughtful students we have at Riverview. He always has a smile on his face and will help others around him in a very kind way. He has a great sense of humor! He is well respected and liked by the other students because of his willingness to be a friend. Teacher really enjoy working with Ashton because he is respectful and polite and will strive to understand the concepts taught.
Some of his teachers had some great things to say about Ashton:
“I wish I had 25 Ashton’s in my class”
“Ashton is one of the friendliest students I’ve ever known. We are so lucky to have Ashton here at Riverview with us!”
“Murray High is lucky to be getting him next year!”
“He is a great kid to have in class.”
“I enjoy working with Ashton.”
Ashton is the perfect choice for our Terrific Kid award. He is a wonderful example of someone who is hard-working, dedicated, caring, positive, friendly, brave, and respectful. He makes Riverview a better place for anyone who knows him. What a terrific kid!!

SARA WHITLEY – 9th Grade Terrific Kid

One young lady who has been quietly going about her business as a student at Riverview Junior High with total dedication and little fanfare is Sara Whitley. Her work ethic is quite remarkable, but her personal integrity and goodness are even more so. Sara just goes about her business in a humble way as she continually excels in everything she does. She is always kind and respectful to everyone around her and is a great example of what it means to be a terrific kid. Her teachers admire and respect her as the following quotes attest:
“I am always amazed with how mature and insightful the comments are that Sara makes in class about the literature we read and the topics we discuss. She is able to pick up on the subtleties of a text that most students miss and is able to make connections between ideas that shows me she has really mastered the concepts we are learning.”
“Sara is a great girl. She is friendly, works well with others and is kind. I’ve never heard her say anything negative about another person or task. She uses her talents to help her groups succeed and increases the quality of work produced. She is a fantastic artist and a great choice for Terrific Kid!”
“Sara is such an amazing person! She is such a hard worker and deep thinker. I truly enjoyed reading her reflective thoughts in U.S. History. She is going to go places!”
“Sara is such a sweet girl. She is quiet in my advisory, but will participate and answer questions when needed. She is very artistic and is doing most of our poster for the college challenge. Good choice!”
“Sara is very creative and has her own style with her art projects. Whether its clay or watercolor, she does a beautiful job. Her work is not typical of junior high art but rather reflects her distinctive taste. She always tries challenging ideas, listens, and then works independently in class. She is a joy to have in class.”
It is a pleasure to see Sara recognized as Terrific Kid for April.