Online student

Online Schools, a short list:


Online Education is a great way to do school if the traditional school building is not for you, but did you know you could do some schooling online and some in school.

In Utah you can take up to 6 online classes and still have one or two classes at your school. If online school is something you are interested in you can learn more about online schooling options at

Online classes through these schools will replace classes taken at Riverview and cannot be used to earn extra credits to graduate early, please see your counselor for exceptions. Summer classes are considered a part of the fall semester. A student wishing to take online classes through any of the schools listed on the states site would need to register on your own (parents can help of course). If you choose to have all classes online you would need to go to the online schools site to register for school. If you want a hybrid model with some classes here at Riverview and some online you would need to go to to register for the online classes, and register for classes at Riverview by contacting the school.

In the Murray School District we have our own online school that we share with several other school districts. Our online site is called Utah Students Connect. Students may take classes in addition to the full schedule of classes at Riverview. For ORIGINAL credits: Summer classes cost $46.50 per quarter (term) credit, classes during the school year are offered at no cost. All classes are either 2 quarters or 4 quarters long. Remediation credits no matter when they are taken will cost $46.50/quarter credit.

*Students wishing to take classes through Utah Students Connect will need to sign up through their school counselor prior to the start of the term in which you wish to take the class. Classes that need to be paid for will need to be paid for online using a credit card and can be done at the time of registration.