Free Weekly ‘SCS Parent Summit’ Zoom Call – Wednesday Nights 6-7pm offers free training for parents/guardians to develop awareness, recognize change, get support, and learn tools and tricks for navigating common struggles with raising teens. This class is free to anyone in the community.

  • To get access to the class you’ll need to request to be added to our email list – simply email ‘’ and put ‘Add me to the SCS Parent Summit Email’ in the subject line.

Parent Summit Topics:

  • Distress Tolerance: Managing Family Stress in Healthy Ways
  • Finding a Middle Path: Balanced and Dialectical Parenting
  • Emotion Regulation: Staying Emotionally in Control
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships & Meeting Needs
  • DBT-based Parenting Systems that Improve Behavior


Helping Families Learn to:

  • Communicate & Resolve Conflict in Healthy Ways
  • Develop Awareness
  • Recognize Effort and Progress
  • Manage Expectations