Class Selection: Class requests takes place every February for the following school year. New students fill out the class request form when a student is first enrolled in the school. Students are not guaranteed to get the classes they request. Requests are filled randomly by a computer program with core courses as the first priority and electives as the 2nd priority.

Class changes: Students may make changes to their requested classes, at no charge, up to the second to last week of the school year. After the school year has ended students may request to make a schedule change for $5 up through the first week of each semester (new students have one week from starting classes to make a change). Class changes are not guaranteed and are based on class size or other factors.

Class changes may be made for the following reasons:

-to change the class to an entirely different class

-to change teachers (when possible, request must be made by the parent)

-Special circumstances based on communication with counselors and Admin.

Students may not change their schedule to get a class with friends or to change lunches.

Lunch changes are granted based on the circumstances communicated with the Admin and upon Admin approval.