General information

Street Address:

751 Tripp Lane, Murray, UT 84123

Phone Number:

Main Office 801-264-7446, fax 801-264-7458

Counseling Office 801-264-7481, fax 801-264-7478


Mr. Earl Kauffman

Assistant Principal:

Ms. Laura deShazo

School Schedule:

The school opens for students at 7:35 A.M. Due to COVID students will need to go directly to their 1st period class once they enter the building if they are not going to the Cafeteria for breakfast.  Classes run from 7:55 A.M. to 1:34 P.M. each day


Riverview Junior High serves approximately 670 students from 7th through 9th grades.

School Promotion:

Students promoted from Riverview attend Murray High School.



School Colors:

Red & White

Year Built:


Mission Statement & Goals:

Our mission is to create a developmentally responsive middle level school that nurtures each student’s progress physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Belief Statements:

  • Student learning is the primary purpose and central goal of our school.
  • Every student is a valued individual who’s academic, technological, and artistic success is encouraged and recognized.
  • A variety of academic opportunities and educational experiences which accommodate multiple learning styles is provided for all students.
  • Instruction and curriculum develop responsible citizenship and character that reflects accepted community standards.
  • Students are prepared and motivated to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners in a rapidly changing world.
  • Students participate in a variety of physical activities that develop fitness and habits of healthy living.
  • A safe, secure, and supportive learning environment is maintained.
  • Our school community honors diversity, promotes cultural awareness, and practices acceptance of self and others.
  • Students, parents, school staff, and community members are committed to on-going assessment and continuous school improvement procedures.