Tardies will be accumulated each term and citizenship penalty will be assessed as follows:

1 tardy = no penalty, warning

2 tardies = S in citizenship

3 tardies = N in citizenship

4 or more tardies = U in citizenship

In order for a student to be on time to class, he or she must be in the room when the bell rings. Individual teachers may require that students be in their seats when the bell rings. Any student who is ten or more minutes late to any class without a written excuse will be considered truant. Students and parents need to understand that citizenship affects eligibility for participation in various school activities. The school staff will notify the home of students with attendance and tardy problems.

Penalties for Excessive Tardies

Tardies are counted per class period. Each new quarter gives the student a fresh start. The following are consequences for being tardy.

1st Tardy Warning

2nd Tardy Warning

3rd Tardy Lunch time detention

4th Tardy After school detention and letter home

5th Tardy In school detention and parent phone call

6th Tardy Administrative intervention which may include suspension.

Students who miss after school detention without making prior arrangements with the administration will be placed in In School Detention (ISD) the following day. Students who disrupt detention will be dealt with accordingly. Consequences may include parent conference and/or suspension.